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Roll Tide Sports Initiative

Volunteer Scholarship for College Students

The Roll Tide Sports Initiative is an exceptional scholarship program exclusively tailored for college students, designed to recognize, and reward those who exhibit a fervent commitment to making a positive impact in their community, with a focus on various fields, including the Sports and Entertainment Industry. More than just a financial support program, this initiative actively seeks to empower participants to recruit other college students interested in contributing to their community through meaningful volunteer work.

The primary target audience for the Roll Tide Sports Initiative is college students who are passionate about sports and entertainment and are dedicated to contributing positively to their community. This initiative welcomes individuals from various majors, fostering an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and talents.

The Roll Tide Sports Initiative aims to empower students to excel academically, pursue their passion for sports and entertainment, and make a positive difference in their communities. Through financial support and hands-on experience, participants will be equipped to thrive in their academic and professional pursuits. 


To support the goals of the Roll Tide Sports Initiative, a series of workshops will be organized to provide valuable skills and insights to the participants. These workshops aim to enhance their abilities and understanding of the industry and foster a strong sense of community engagement. The typical tasks for volunteers include:


Event Preparation Workshop

  • Overview of event coordination and preparation. 

  • Training in stocking and prepping the location before gates open. 

  • Detailed instructions on setting up and organizing various event elements. 


Customer Service Training

  • Customer interaction and service best practices. 

  • Greeting and serving customers with a positive and professional demeanor. 

  • Checking IDs and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for attendees. 


Payment Processing and Technology Training

  • Handling orders exclusively through payment readers (credit and debit). 

  • Familiarization with AI technology used for seamless transactions. 


Concession Operations Workshop

  • Overview of beer portable market pads and front-end operations at food and beverage concessions, incorporating AI technology. 

  • Efficient management of high-traffic areas to ensure a smooth experience for event attendees. 


Community Impact and Volunteerism Seminar

  • Understanding the significance of community engagement in the Sports and Entertainment Industry. 

  • Exploring the broader impact of volunteer work and its role in personal and professional development. 

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