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AI Ambassador Initiative

Scholarship Initiative for College Students

Are you a tech-savvy college student in Atlanta ready to make an impact? Join the AI ATL Ambassador team and be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology right at Mercedes-Benz Stadium! Embark on this thrilling adventure at Mercedes-Benz Stadium's Frictionless Market. RSVP for events you're available for, and our team will contact you to discuss the exciting details!

Backend Developer

The AI Ambassador Scholarship Initiative for College Students is an engaging program tailored to captivate interest and empower students passionate about cutting-edge technologies and community impact. This initiative welcomes individuals from various majors, creating an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and talents, fostering a collaborative community of forward-thinking students to become AI Ambassadors, providing an exclusive opportunity to earn a scholarship while actively contributing to the innovative AI market experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

As an AI Ambassador, you're not just volunteering – you're pioneering the next era of market experiences. Guide fans through the frictionless journey, making every purchase a seamless delight. 

Why Become an AI Ambassador? 

  • Tech Leadership: Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI technology, understanding the fundamentals of AI checkout-free technology. 

  • Community Impact: Contribute to the excitement of innovative technology at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, fostering understanding and enthusiasm. 

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and tech enthusiasts, particularly in the sports and entertainment industry, creating valuable networks for future endeavors. 

  • Market Trends Analytics: Gain insights into market trends, analytics, and inventory/product insights related to AI technology. 

  • Scholarship Reward: Receive a scholarship recognizing your commitment and impact as an AI Ambassador. 


To support the goals of the AI Ambassador Scholarship Initiative, a series of workshops and engagement opportunities will be organized specifically for college students. These activities aim to provide valuable skills and insights to the participants, enhancing their abilities as AI Ambassadors. The typical tasks and workshops include:


Introduction to AI Technology

  • Understanding the fundamentals of AI technology. 

  • Training on the AI-powered checkout-free technology at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 


Effective Communication and Engagement Workshop

  • Developing communication skills to guide others through the AI market experience. 

  • Fostering enthusiasm and understanding among event attendees. 


Community Impact and Leadership Seminar

  • Exploring the broader impact of innovative technology on community experiences. 

  • Developing leadership skills to actively participate in the AI Ambassador role. 


Learning Analytics of the Market

  • Understanding market trends, analytics, and inventory/product insights related to AI technology at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 


Networking and Career Development Session

  • Connecting with industry professionals and tech enthusiasts, particularly in the sports and entertainment industry. 

  • Exploring potential career paths in the intersection of technology and community engagement. 


AI Ambassador Showcase

  • Providing a platform for AI Ambassadors to share their experiences and insights. 

  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding commitment and contributions with scholarships. 

Typing on a Laptop

Why Volunteer? 

  • Immerse yourself in cutting-edge AI technology. 

  • Collaborate with like-minded tech enthusiasts. 

  • Boost your resume with a unique and innovative volunteering opportunity. 

Who We're Looking For 

Enthusiastic college students from all majors! Whether you're a coder, marketer, or just passionate about tech, No AI expertise required – just bring your energy and excitement! 

Scholarship Opportunity

Volunteering with us isn't just about experience – it's a scholarship opportunity! Stand out in your academic journey while shaping the future of technology. 

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