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Our 3 Core Initiatives

Take a moment to read about our 3 core initiatives and contact us to volunteer at one of our events.

Adopt a Teacher


This initiative was created to help support teachers within the local community!

Eight public school teachers' grades K- above will be selected for an initial monetary award.

Throughout the year, we will make sure their classrooms are decorated for various holidays and themes.

They will also receive donations of technology and learning gadgets for their classrooms to help enhance the learning of their students.

Community Locker

Volunteer Locker.jpg

Community Locker is a way we give back to the community, that we serve, through goods that are donated by big companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and many more. 

We leverage our partnership with these Big Box Retailers by taking the goods they provide and distribute free of charge to the General Public.

More Information Coming Soon

ScholarPick - Service Award


This initiative is a scholarship that gets paid to students who volunteer to do community service work in the Sports and the Entertainment Industry. 


Contact Us Today to become our NEWEST SCHOLARPICK AWARDEE!!! 

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