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Our Core Initiatives

Take a moment to read about our core initiatives and contact us to volunteer at one of our events.

Roll Tide Sports Initiative

Volunteer Scholarship for College Students

The Roll Tide Sports Initiative is an exceptional scholarship program exclusively tailored for college students, designed to recognize, and reward those who exhibit a fervent commitment to making a positive impact in their community, with a focus on various fields, including the Sports and Entertainment Industry. More than just a financial support program, this initiative actively seeks to empower participants to recruit other college students interested in contributing to their community through meaningful volunteer work.

Office Worker

AI Ambassador Initiative

Volunteer Scholarship for College Students

The AI Ambassador Scholarship Initiative for College Students is an engaging program tailored to captivate interest and empower students passionate about cutting-edge technologies and community impact. This initiative invites college students to become AI Ambassadors, providing an exclusive opportunity to earn a scholarship while actively contributing to the innovative AI market experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Ready at the Line

NIL Boosters Sports and Entertainment Initiative 

The collegiate sports world was turned on its head in July 2009 when Ed Obannon a former UCLA Basketball Player sued the NCAA for compensation for using student athletes name image and likeness for commercial purposes. Previous to this lawsuit the only compensation athletes received were direct scholarships from their universities or secret payments from Boosters.  

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